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"Axels Nöjesfält is the biggest, funniest, safest carnival in North Europe.
A world of fun is our motto. We are the best in delivering lots of fun anywhere in North Europe.
We have a long tradition behind us,and starting in 1928, a rich experience in amusement business.
Nothing is too big, nor too small for us, we are very adaptable.
Axels entertains people in the biggest festivals, carnavals, concerts and markets in Sweden and Norway.
Our big range of modern equipments vary from popcorn wagons, games, lotteri and small, slow children rides to big, tall and fast rides for a thrilling experience.
Your safety is out top priority, so all our rides are carefully assembled, maintained, and checked.
Fell free to contact us for any kind of questions."


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Rundan 1

30253 Halmstad